Sunday, December 12, 2010

the wait is officially over

finally! we have snow in wisconsin. i am so grateful that it waited until the day after we finished moving out of our home. whew!

this week the snow turned to blizzard and we have already had our first encounter with 'i think we're stuck, get the shovel". good thing the neighbors are friendly. i will remember my cellphone the next time. honestly, it could have been one of those moments where i could have easily gotten frustrated and upset about the why me? but, my kids were so positive that they almost made it enjoyable. i would never want to take excitement away from these guys. they can't wait to get outside with the sled.

as fun as it is to sit on the toboggan inside it is much more thrilling to laugh all the ay down a snow covered hill. what isn't fun is the hours and hours that it takes to get the three of us dressed and to find 2 mittens for each of us! someday i will be organized.

we had an awesome first snow day. i can't wait for snow that packs into a snowman and snow creatures.

let's just say i love snow because of the beauty that it brings to a rather dull and dreary world once all the leaves have fallen and the cold sets in. it also brings about a calmness and peaceful feeling when soft snowflakes are falling and the world is just quiet except for the giggles of kids running around and completely exhauting themselves.
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