Thursday, January 27, 2011

arghhh...wisconsin winters

i for one, am not crazy about winter. it is terribly cold and i do not wish to be cooped up inside for days.  it does have a few perks though....waking up to a glistening world after a silent snowfall, rolling huge too-big to push snowballs and throwing fist-sized ones, drinking hot chocolate made with rich warm milk and snuggling up on the couch with a blanket, 2 kids, a hubby, and a dog to enjoy a movie., sledding down awesome hills.

finding a new fort under the trees.

 heading to the park where you have free range of all the new equipment.

 finding out that even though mommy's boots stink at climbing giant hills. they are very useful as skiis.

 being trapped inside means having to use all your creative juices. what do you think of the newest princess?

 the blue really makes his eyes pop!

 with weather sometimes posing a problem, some things are some times delayed. ava is the sweetest little singer (in public! at home she belts out the loudest of notes!) and a sweet reminder of why the christmas spirit should live in us all year round.

 this girl has got the right idea. we really tucker each other's a good thing! of course....
the silence really never lasts very long. old man winter we are stepping up to your challenge!
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