Tuesday, May 31, 2011

she passed!

my little girl....boo hoo boo hoo. she had passed preschool. before having kids, i always though i would not be ready to be the mum of a child in school and then i got pregnant and a arrived. i couldn't imagine anything sweeter in my life but, i also cannot believe how fast the years pass.
 we made this adorable tote for a's teacher. she drew a picture of herself and yor teacher, mrs. craker and then together we stitched the image onto fabric and then stitched it onto denium and the upcycled bag from a fair. fyi...a is the bigger person!
 a was so excited to share her classroom with her brother and h was so excited to actually touch the toys instead of eyeing them from the door.
 he was never going to want to leave.
 so proud!

 truly, can you believe how cool this classroom is.
and, how cool this teacher is! thank you. thank you, for loving my child! you rock!

Monday, May 30, 2011

ready, set, dig

finally!! we got the chance to dig in the garden. whew! dirt on our shoes, dirt in our shoes, dirt in our fingernails, dirt on our hands.... we did good and hopefully all that fresh air and sunshine will grant us a good night's rest.

 this little man is never without a tool.

 in go the sunflower seeds. we can't wait until they tower over us.

of course, we planted the usuals and some new finds that ava found at the garden center....sunflowers, cucumbers, peppers, pumpkins, watermelon, cantaloupe, heirloom tomatoes, squash, rosemary, fairy tale eggplant, parsley, beans.....yummy, i can't wait.

next time you head to the library, check out this book. grow it, cook it. simple gardening projects and delicious recipes. i have been hogging it for quite some time and i promise to return it soon!! and, check out this. how cool would that be!

what do you like to plant?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

10 things i {{love}} sunday

 1. i could totally live in the backyard. my favorite flower is in bloom and the air is so sweet.
 2. this little boy.
 3. this little girl.
 4. the fact that i know when things are too quiet something is up but, that my girl writing her name on random things is totally okay.
5. one dog in a field and one dog on a hill. there are wide open spaces all around us.

honestly, i am beaming with smiles. this world is so gorgeous and i have two precious littles and a hubby to share it with. they are my sunshine and rain. they keep me on my toes and filled to the brim with happiness and longings to make the most of each moment.

happy days!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

it's a zoo in here.

it seems like we can totally relate to being the zookeeper from time to time. there are wild apes and lions running around all over the place.
the ears on ava crack me up.
 so many things to see including the newest member "leo pold" the lion. mama and daddy are vey proud.
 and tons of goofing around.
 lots of pictures like this one as ava has a need to snap her own point of view.
she takes a really good picture. but, who do you think that blondie belongs to? hard to believe both paul and i had golden lockes at one time.
couldn't leave without a picture of ava as well.
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