Tuesday, May 31, 2011

she passed!

my little girl....boo hoo boo hoo. she had passed preschool. before having kids, i always though i would not be ready to be the mum of a child in school and then i got pregnant and a arrived. i couldn't imagine anything sweeter in my life but, i also cannot believe how fast the years pass.
 we made this adorable tote for a's teacher. she drew a picture of herself and yor teacher, mrs. craker and then together we stitched the image onto fabric and then stitched it onto denium and the upcycled bag from a fair. fyi...a is the bigger person!
 a was so excited to share her classroom with her brother and h was so excited to actually touch the toys instead of eyeing them from the door.
 he was never going to want to leave.
 so proud!

 truly, can you believe how cool this classroom is.
and, how cool this teacher is! thank you. thank you, for loving my child! you rock!

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