Saturday, June 4, 2011

junebug loves

my loves, summer has officially started. the sun is so intense and the water still so cool. we have already indulged in our fair share of popsicles and the ultimate squirters have arrived.
 you really don't want to mess with this dude.
 or this chick.
 i say just keep the popsicles coming. why mess with any of those smiles. and, hey, 2 out of 4 are looking. not bad.

i have also already done my fair share of setting up and blowing up toys. i may just have to complain when i catch my breath. the trampoline is up and the pool is up. how children can stand freezing water is beyond me and when we as adults start the whine of 'no it's too cold' is something to wonder about as well.
 i'll dip my toes in this any day though.
 so relaxing and the kids are actually working together. could it be that their backs are to one another??? nahhhh. i prefer the teamwork scenario.

we've even caught a few waves. phew. my heart is overwhelmed with everything beautiful and everything wonderful that my kids and i get to experience.

have a bubbletastic weekend!

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