Monday, June 20, 2011

the joys of the boy and the girl

 this feels pretty much like a 10 things i ((love)) even though it is now the end of monday but, we spent our weekend doing pretty much everything under the sun with some rain mixed in. this little boy caught a toad. would not even touch him for the first 10 minutes and then would not let him go. he was gentle and the toad survived, thank goodness. i really hope i don't find one in his pocket someday.
 they had a nice playdate. and monday, dad caught 6 or 7 or 8 frogs in the little runoff pond in the pasture. just as my husband ventured out to the middle with his princess bucket the frogs all started singing. i wish i would have had a camera for that look of surprise.
 ava loves to dress in dresses. i do too. she put on a dress that my gramma smocked and sewed for me so long ago. i am grateful to still have these pieces and a girl who freely enjoys them.
 i am also grateful to have a boy who loves pink and john deere green. grampa is working on introducing other tractors as well.
 i am grateful that i get to give my kids small joys.
 and for a boy that totally loves tootsie rolls. can you tell not many made it home and really even in to the bag for that matter.
the weekend ended nice and cool and spent with friends for a 5th birthday. i am wiped-out as are the 2 munchkins.

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  1. Hi Sarah,

    I just want to say that I commented on your "blog design 101" question over at I am sorry that it took so long. I am about to move and have a baby. Needless to say, things are a bit crazy over here :)



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