Monday, June 13, 2011

we ((heart)) the farm

no doubt about it. i am a country girl turned city girl turned country girl again. it is hard to take the love of the land and animals and open spaces from a girl. there is just something about being able to walk out your door and spend time just taking it all in versus being bombarded by happenings all around. don't get me wrong....sometimes there is definitely too much going on here but, it is easier to turn off the distractions and take a breather once things settle down.

i love that my kids get to experience a little of this. no more cows to milk...which i am still sad about...about lots of animals to care for.

 even daddy gets a little taste now and then. and a whiff of that fresh air.
 saturday we went to the dairy breakfast.
 ice cold milk.
and pancakes! yum. somehow they taste better here than at home. how??
 this was the picture from our breakfast table.
of course, a wanted a horse tattoo. her biggest requests are for a horse and phone for her 5th birthday. ummm.
 the rooster made sure we knew the sun was up as does the one in our barn. that animal loves to chase me and my dad finally got me to chase him back and, well...i am not quite as afraid anymore!
grampa's little man.

here's a link to last year's breakfast. dairy breakfast 2010

it is nice to have grand adventures in our own yard. what do you like to do with your kids around your home?

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