Monday, September 20, 2010

edible {learn}

i have a degree in elementary education and well i should really start putting it to use (pardon the no capitals. obviously, i know better. but, i just like the look and i type faster this way.....i have a lot to get done and i am sure you can relate.)

so, on to something fun, creative, and educational. ava and i made a few of these edible bracelets all while holding a deep discussion on estimation, colors, patterns, nutritional values, mathematical know, everything under the sun because a three-year-old's mind travels like lightening.
photo from
all you need is some yarn or string and a box of fruit loops or fruity cheerios. this is such an easy activity to do together.
doesn't she look lovely? she is all dolled up and ready for the ball. that is....if she doesn't eat all her jewels before she gets there.

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