Saturday, October 16, 2010

10 things i ((love)) sunday

 fall has officially arrived. the nights are crisp and cool. the days are sunny and warm. here are a few of the things i am hearting to add color, warmth, and sweetness to my days.

1. allisa jacobswood handle fall floral handbag
2. nikid. caramel and belgian chocolate covered apple with pecans
3. rocket and bear. baby organic booties
4. the bitsy bean. apple natural wooden teething toy
5. missisaau. handmade mixed rainbow colored pencils
6. thimble and acorn. heather grey long sleeve tunic
7. an apple a day. fresh and crisp the season's best
8. girl hula. wheels. what better way to get around and enjoy your surroundings.

9. this little boy in his little boxer briefs. we are far from being potty trained but, who can resist those cute little cheeks stomping around the yard. he has also become quite the scholar. both a and h love books and we spend hours reading. he found the perfect spot and plopped himself down with a pile of books. occasionally when the 'it's too quiet' panic mode sets in, this is what i find my children doing. it melts my heart.

10. ava's first official team sport. she has made loads of new friends whether they were dribbling the ball back and forth or swapping bracelets on the field.  i may not technically be driving the mini-van but, i am the proud momma of a soccer kid.

i hope you enjoy lots of snuggles with your loves and warm sweaters and cozy socks this fall.


  1. Thank you so much for including my pencils in your beautiful blog post.


  2. i love all ten! i especially love the bag - how cute! and those baby booties are so adorable, too. :)
    happy fall!

  3. thanks so much for including my work here! much appreciated! xo

  4. A very delayed thank you for including my bag in your post. You have such a lovely blog & I'm so glad to be featured here. Best to you in the new year!


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