Sunday, May 13, 2012

dino hoodie diy

this is so easy peasy but creates such smiles. h loves to wear his spikey jacket.

my mom had gotten h a thrifted hoodie and a has a friend whose gramma knit him a dinosaur hoodie sweater with spikes. i am definitely not that talented with hooks and needles and yarn and i wanted to use something we are already had.

we took some felt and folded it and drew triangles on the fold and cut out. if you unfolded it, it would look like a diamond. once you get enough of these line them up down the center of the hood and jacket and stitch them on with a straight line down the middle of the diamonds stopping halfway to make a little stitch crosswise. just lift your presser foot and turn. do a 2-3 stitches forwards and backwards (this will help it stand up like a spike). once they are all stitched on go back and stitch the triangles together. the beauty of felt is that the edges will not fray and you do not have to worry about finishing them.

mr. h-a-saurus or huds-o-rex is ready to roll and stomp through the neighborhood. ...... bringing terror wherever he goes.

try giving your dino an official name. in the words of amelia bedilia "if your last name is Saurus, you must be a dinosaur."

now, i am off to figure out how to stitch a unicorn hoodie. i am thinking more felt and some yarn....

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