Saturday, February 6, 2016

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woot woot! we made it through the week. 2 official stay at home days with all the snow that came our way. we had some stir crazy kids around here that were super excited to spend time with friends and not have to go to school.

with january flying by, i am surprised that i even took down the tree and put everything away.'s februray....already! we are on official countdown to valentine's day and then to the arrival of bebe landon.

a and h along with some neighbor friends created yarn hearts to decorate our window. just a pile of glue and a pile of yarn. a little bit of a sticky project for sure.

h picked out dark chocolate hearts and made peanut butter cookies which he shared with friends down the street. he personally delivered them in handmade valentine bags he created.

a is all set with her valentine box and cards to hand out to her classmates. i loved the airhead idea and printables from the crafty sparrow.

we also made these little sweetie pies! it was easy enough to use store bought pie dough, cookie cut hearts and fill with homemade strawberry jam. we pressed 2 halves together and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.

seems like just enough projects to warm them up, dry their clothes and send them back out into the winter wild.

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