Sunday, November 21, 2010

hudson's 2...10 things i ((love)) sunday

really, little man turned 2 today! so, no more counting months. he travelled the house all day saying 'birthday'. he is a super guy and i ((love)) this little man.

we started the day with balloons everywhere in the house. i think i will continue to find the hidden ones for weeks. kids can trash a house in a whirlwind minute and well, i have come to the conclusion that i am bound to never see some things again and/or the day that they eventually resurface they will have already been long forgotten about.

1. he had a big bowl of cereal and finished every last drop. he is a growing man, you know!

2. he made some very important phone calls. he is a busy man, you know.
 3. he is not big on sweets but, destroying a cake is totally up there on his to-do list.
4. he may not have a lot of hair but, he looks good with a mustache!
5. everytime you pick up a camera or someone else does you say 'smile'.
6. your sister could totally pull off a mustache as well, of the paper kind.
7. you totally crack me up with your 'bless you,' 'love you', your insistant 'no, mommy not daddy!', 'share', 'please', 'thank you', 'potty', 'tractor','combine', 'skidloader','ahhhda' (ava), 'mommy', 'daddy', 'uncle', 'grampa', 'gramma', 'kendal', 'candy', 'gummy'. you've got a lot to say!

 8. you hit the jackpot of all things tractors
9. i ((love)) that you even dug the cool new books you got.
10. i ((love)) us! you, me, daddy, ava.

happy birthday, my little man!!!

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  1. How sweet! What adorable photos... you have a beautiful family. Looks like he is going to have fun with all those great tractors! :)

  2. Happy Birthday, indeed!

    Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your family over the holidays!

  3. How sweet! I remember those days of celebrating the little ages. They are so fun to treasure. Thank you for stopping by.



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