Friday, November 12, 2010

seriously, this is november

the weather was absolutely beautiful this past week and you better believe that we took full advantage of it. i love being able to hang out with my kids and ignore any of the stresses of life that may be bothering me. you must know that some days the stresses come from my kids when when took the other's toy or when there is just not enough space for two beings to co-exist in the same room or same house or same yard!! but, not on days like this, not on days when the sun is shining and the air is slightly crisp.
that girl has a great personality and a fierceness all about herself. i just want to be her and love life the way she does.


can you believe we had the chance to fly kites in NOVEMBER!! the joys of childhood. you could totally tell it was fall though because of the early setting sun. just one of the reminders that fall is ending and winter is soon to be here. this next week's forecast tells us it will be here soon.

honestly, i won't complain. it was a beautiful fall and it is a beautiful life.

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