Saturday, July 9, 2011

black and blue but, pure genius

 it took some convincing but, ava finally agreed to just getting ice cream and cones at the store instead of stopping at culver's for ice cream that would not even make it home at least without being half-eaten, dripped and spilled in the car.
 then we were lucky enough to find black raspberries in the woods. tons of them with tons of thorns. check out the black and blue fingers can you tell they like to dig in and not really pick!
 and, double score. ava is a genius. she wanted a pie crust. i was busy making dinner so i suggested a graham cracker. she smooshed berries over one side and we added a roasted marshmallow and wah lah! balck raspberry smores. sooo good!!!
 the next morning, i found these two still in bed reading scooby, upside first ava was confused about daphne being upside down:). so cute. so sweet. 5 minutes later.....
brotherly and sisterly love commenced with a brawl over baby. you wouldn't think that we had at least 10 or so in the house:)

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