Thursday, July 28, 2011

rose colored glasses

seriously july is almost over! definite picture overload here but, we have done so much and i am conserving energy for the next round.
you can't forget a day at the beach when the sun starts to toast the earth.  we made drip castles and hudson plowed the sand while ava splashed and dipped and dived.
 you know he always has a tractor stashed somewhere!!
we even walked to the dam where the water rushes over and creates a waterfall and stream.
we also hit the fair on an oh so sweaty day. ava pedaled her hardest in the tractor pull and then decided to let the horses do the work for her.
of course, somehow....hudson found another little boy with a great big pile of tractors to play with inside one of the barns right next to the giant tractors on display outside and the calm cows lazily chewing and resting inside.
 then we stopped at the city zoo and met the new wolves and got a cool drink inside the lion's mouth.
 we even had the chance to catch a wooly.
 ava has mastered the art of riding a bike!!!
 we took a trip to a new town and had a picnic lunch in the park.

 one day, i hope to get a nice picture of both kids together.
we visited the county zoo. the bears seem to always know how to strike a pose. even the robins got in on the deal by taking a splash in a rock puddle. i ended up bringing the lion and monkey back home with me. pure wildness at times!

 seriously, i may just have to hire a professional photographer.
way cool!! i love the face paint.
and there you have it. in a nutshell. one full month. full of rose colored glasses as we have so much to be thankful for and so much to look forward to.  

we really do love that color pink in this family. what a blur.

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