Thursday, January 19, 2012

fall farm visit....yes, visit.

obviously i am a tad say the least. we had a wild end to the year 2011. we sold our home at the end of may, daddy accepted a new job at the end of june, we searched for 2 months for a new home, did the rig-a-ma-row closing documents for a month, moved to a brand new town, did some crazy settling in, celebrated a's 5th birthday, trick or treated, did a little more settling in (tried), celebrated h's 3rd birthday, thanksgiving, and a's first day of 4k, and started the rush of holiday cheer. i am exhausted, the kids are too! there is no easy way to settle in after all your stuff has been packed for a year in a pod and in storage. we also took some is nice to enjoy a weekend at the farm. the kids miss it so.

that girl is crazy for horses. you know she is saving her pennies!
ta da! the reason we were so late hitting the road and getting back to the chaos we left behind.

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