Thursday, January 19, 2012

winter days

i don't exactly dread winter but, winter without snow is kind of hard to handle. making it all the way to 2012 without any real snow this winter as something. now we are all about the frozen noses and rosy cheeks.

i had some great helpers to clear the driveway. our neighbor has fired up his snowblower 3x this year....just to make sure that when this day came he would be ready!! i on the other hand was so grateful for the gifts of wheelbarrows from gramma and grampa. i loaded and they hauled and dumped.

of course, they tried the snow all crisp and clean and fresh.
and, when the cold became too much we retreated to a nice cozy warm house and footie pjs. i really need to get a pair and i know daddy would swoon for a pair. we made snowflakes that sparkled with glitter because any and every project is better with glitter and scissors, and glue.

and, warm banana bread with dark chocolate chips. the recipe is from anne getty's easy green organic. it called for buttermilk, we substituted a little sour cream and milk. so yummy. next time i think i will make muffins though. it might just help me pace myself!

it is going to be a cold winter and i have lots of warm hearts and goofy, giggly people to share the times with.

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