Monday, February 13, 2012

sometimes you just got to move it

 a while back we pulled out the kleenex boxes i saved and created some dinosaur shoes. in all the glory of painting, taping, and gluing....(yes, i said love sitting down to do these things although they may truly not enjoy cleaning up afterwards and i sometimes take on that chore just so i don't have to listen to the whining) we ended up with some cool cool kicks!

we used some clementine art paints for this project. next time i think i would opt for something thicker like acrylic paints.

winter really instills this craziness into my kids. i am not sure if it is the desire to be confined by 4 walls and avoid the cold or the lack of daylight hours but, these 2 can drive a mom up the wall. it seems as if they are 2 decibels too loud for me to handle most times or they get into each other's space just a little too much. and, not like there are not other rooms in this big old house of ours but, it is just comfy cozy to be close because in the end we really do love each other and the joys and frustrations we bestow on one another.

once the kids got to rock out in their new kicks, i thought it could definitely be a little loud and rambunctious. but, they surprised me! they were calm and moved a tad slower and tended to be rather quiet dinosaurs. ahhhh! that was a good project. check out laurie berkner's we are the dinosaurs song to stomp to.

these 2 also seem to be a little quieter when outside as well and when they are concentrating so hard on not falling. the rink did not get filled in this year because of the mild weather but, there was just a big enough patch to give ice skating a try.


 once our toes and noses were chilled, we headed back in for some comfy cozy snuggling and hot chocolate....always made with milk, it makes a world of difference.

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