Thursday, February 23, 2012

for the love of...

for the love of birds. we got together with our neighbors to stir up some treats for our feathered friends. they didn't exactly turn out so we improvised and next time i think we will try this recipe.

if only they would have set up. they stayed crumbly and would not hold together. we got out of the house and enjoyed ourselves.  it has been a little harder to get out the door lately. sometimes it is nice to just stay in a nice, cozy, warm house and it seems as if we all have different agendas. i have found myself repeating and repeating what i need them to do from getting their coats and shoes to stop bouncing off the walls. i find it so hard to comprehend how there energy does not get used up.

since the birdseed ornaments did not work we used a little peanut butter (mix will oil....birds do not have salivary glands), spread it on old bread, pressed into the birdseed, folded them in half and put a piece of ribbon on them to hang. note to self.... next time be sure to place highger than the dog can reach. she tried to sneek away with one!

it was a lovely day to treat our friends and to explore the world of creatures outside our door. so hard to believe that this is a february scene. tomorrow the world is going to look a little different. they are big and fat and absorbing every sound so that the world seems calm and restful.

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