Thursday, May 6, 2010

a few of my favorite things

1. the perfect pairing of a warm spring day and the scent of lilacs. (i spent the day shoveling mulch under the bushes but, it was well worth it)

2. i adore my 3 year old fashionista and my 17 month old bookworm!

3. any and all things green. i can't wait to get all the plants in and reap the benefits of our garden. ahhhhhh...fresh basil on pizza, refrigerator pickles, tomato salsa......just can't wait!

4. again with the green. we planted 41 of these little guys. grow, baby grow. my little citizens need fresh air to breathe.
5. crafting new goodies for my shoppe. hudson is all work and no play in his daddy tie tee....can't you tell. he has got some serious math to solve at the chalkboard!

6. this man. what can i say. he always goes straight for the goodies when we head to gramma's. and, she always has something good and/or all the ingredients to made something grand.

7. toddlers and kids are favorites of mine. how they can balance in some positions, i'll never know. trust me, i've tried.

8. sweats and stripey socks to warm cold toes. sunglasses and sandals to look oh so cool on the hottest of days.

9. hudson knows where his nose, eyes, ears and belly are, and can point to each one. he knows a cat meows, a cow moos, fishes go muah muah, and a doggie says ruff ruff. he is a  fierce head nodder and shaker. he will tell you yes or no. as soon as his feet hit the ground in the morning he is down the stairs, boots on, and headed for the door and if by chance it was left open to let in fresh air he's out the door. basically every day he amazes us with something new. he is still chillin’ in size 3 diapers, barely! but i’m happy to say he is growing strong.
10. a weekend of good times with family, great conversations with friends and a good old fashioned date night.

11. ava is so smart, so funny, so lovable. she is very independent and caring, which can be a struggle sometimes. but what she lacks in patience, she makes up for in personality. i love her constant "that's for sure."

12. wishes.

happy wishes to you this fine thursday!

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