Friday, May 21, 2010

you say it's your half birthday

any reason to celebrate....and bake cupcakes! that's what being a kid is all about and so what if i am not the kid anymore, i can still play the part and my little man turned the big one point five today and well that only happens once and it seems from this point on you start counting only the years. SIGH

this past month hudson has had a language explosion. some words i swear he doesn't use anymore but, the biggest right now are "gram PA", "oos" (juice), "ba" (bottle, sheep, barn, etc), "cow", "tor" (tractor), "uk"(duck) "pooh" (if you want to make this kid stop in his tracks just say poop and he will immediately stop and check the ground). also, if you need a translator, i am here for you. he understands so much and tries so hard to be understood, which is very cute and heartwarming.

i wish to capture lots of moments on camera for my kids but, i have almost resigned myself to the fact that inevitably i will not have the camera with me or i will just miss the moment and the shutter will close a moment too late but, more importantly i have a huge store of great smiles tucked away in my memory.
not quite sure he wanted to share at first but, he offered up a piece in the end

one other big piece of news....he used the potty!!!! not that this will happen again in the near future but, it is a start. while we were getting ready for bath, i just caught him in the stance and swung him up on the pot and wahhh lahhhh!

ms. ava i adore you. your personality will win over the room and your independence and stubbornness will take you far.  i cannot believe that you will be starting preschool in the fall. SIGH.

you are the best two things in my life!

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