Wednesday, June 2, 2010

june love

yea! the unofficial start of summer is here. i will be forever in flip flops, sunscreen that smells of the islands, and sunglasses! somewhere on me i will probably also have remnents of where one has placed their sticky ice cream fingers. ahhhh, i do love summer.

june to me also means time to celebrate dad and weddings galore: ours, my parents, grandparents, and about 6 couple friends or more.

for father's day the goal will be about spending time together as a family. what to get my wonderful hubby? i ask a lot of him so i am offering him coupons for the things that matter---a day of golf (without me nagging about when he will finish his round and come home), a husband and wife date night (note i say husband and wife not mom and dad), a family day trip to somewhere HE enjoys, and a no nagging coupon from me valid for a one time use, and a framed photo from the past year.

check out these other great finds for summer loving.

recess monkey cd you'll dig what sounds like everything from classic rock to grunge influences.
golden dove ring bearer bowl the paloma’s nest ceramic dove design has been updated to become your cherished ring bearer bowl™- and given the lavish touch of pure gold leaf on the edge.
vintage hair elastics i am in love with this shop. perhaps with a few of these in our home my daughter would be more willing to let me brush her hair.
silk letter pillow this just has a little something extra to make it special.
girly wall stickers they are made of fabric, completely reuseable and washable!!!

dates to celebrate this month

National Candy Month
Potty Training Awareness Month

6/1 National Step-Parents Week
6/1 Oscar the Grouch's Birthday
6/5 National Donut Day
6/6 National Yo-Yo Day
6/10 Judy Garland's Birthday
6/14 Anniversary of the Caldecott Medal
6/16 Fudge Day
6/20 Father's Day
6/21 Summer Solstice
6/26 our 6th  anniversary
6/27 Captain Kangaroo's Birthday

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