Sunday, June 27, 2010

the randomness and fullness of june

june is such a random month and there is so much to do. or maybe because it is the first month of summer and summer flies by, you feel as if there is so much to do because you want to fit it all in. these are some of the happenings around here this june and just some happy thoughts to end another great month.

first, i need to start with this photo. in the land of mommydom, our meals almost always arrive in a split second and come piping hot. hudson is now officially ready for his next birthday. he can blow a fierce wind. watch out candles, you do not stand a chance!

check out how sly and smooth this guy is. he ever so charmingly goes in for the kill.
there are lots of festivals and parades to attend. horses to ride. planes to fly. burgers to eat. i absolutely love the ferris wheel. we even rode one after our wedding while still in my dress.

watching the stars come out!
my girl, the racecar driver. she had a blast in last place. she loves to race us at home but, in public she seemed a little shy. still made the frontpage of the paper and won a brand new bike.

strawberries in june. i think i may have had my fill for the moment. hudson still needs his berry fix. everyday we search the bushes for more.  
the lake and good friends. who could ask for anything more. well, let's add suncreen and bug spray.

sand in all places. just a reminder of a day well-spent at the beach.
 june is also all about weddings. happy anniversary, honey. i love you more each day and only wish that we had more moments together.
june really is a happy month. it is full of popsicles, sprinklers, suncreen, boo-boos, kisses, naked bums and toes, and laundry (piles and piles....again evidence of a day well-spent).

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  1. Can you believe tomorrow begins July? (tear) I won't believe it! I can't!!!


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