Saturday, July 24, 2010

10 things i ((love)) sunday

hey everyone, i am trying something new this week and i want to make it a regular feature because this world is full of great finds just waiting to be spotted. i am also having some help this week from catherine of bumpkin bears. she is a wonderful artist and these are a few of the things she ((loves)) this sunday. scroll down to see more about her as well and visit her shop as she is having a christmas in july sale.

also, please don't forget the GIVEAWAY! put your name in the hat!

1. Wool Giraffe from -
2. Bluebell Meadows photo - from Ginger Lilly Tea --
3. Baby's Nest - Custom engraved stone - from -
4. Gorgeous Daisy knitted Bunny from YOomi-
5.Precious Liberty fabric Sundress from Daisy Fleur -
6. Bird Mobile - from -
7. Bird on a Branch Appliqued onesie - from -
8. Flower hair accessories from Millylillyrose -
9. Bubs Bears - Baby Keep sake Patchwork Bears made from your little one's outgrown baby clothes - a perfect way to remember the early days -
10. Gorgeous Baby shoes - from -

I’m Catherine Young, the Artist that brings Bumpkin Bears and Friends alive for you. Growing up amongst the English countryside gave me a life long love of nature and all the animals that are part of it. My storybook imagination never stopped as I grew up, always busy creating hand made gifts and stories based on the animal friends I would meet on my daily adventures, through the apple orchard and out across the fields!

Later on at College and University I studied Art, Textiles, Photography and Communications further heightening my love of design. Moving to Belgium and discovering the world of Artist bears opened a pathway to fulfilling a dream of running my own creative business. Out of the nickname, Country Bumpkin, which my Granny gave me, Bumpkin Bears & Friends was born.

My nostalgic images capture the simple pleasures of childhood from collecting Spring flowers, tea parties, storytime by a warm fire… As a child I would lose myself gazing into Art, found in books and in frames. It is now my dream that others too can loose themselves into my Art and be taken away into a carefree world.


  1. such fun to see all the 10 items together, they look so sweet. Thanks for featuring them all. Hugs, Catherine x

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my baby shoes!
    They are a part of Christmas in July sale - until the end of July I offer free worldwide shipping for all baby booties.

    Ann from Woolmint

  3. Thank you for including daisy among your picks ^_^ everything is so very cute (:

  4. Thanks so much for featuring us in your picks! What a lovely selection ;o)

  5. That is a bunch of cuteness right there! Love the little headband.


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