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one mom's world....meet elizabeth and a WIN on wednesday

it is totally your lucky day. i would like for you to meet elizabeth, mom to addison, navy wife, and a bright beautiful person. she is also offering up a giveaway from her shop!! read along and get to know a little about her world.
I have my teaching credential and Masters Degree in Education, and used to teach at-risk children. I am now a stay-at-home-mom to my wonderful daughter Addison. My husband was in the Navy, and continues to work in the same field, which allows me to stay home. I couldn’t be happier! I love to do crafts whenever I get the chance, and dream of one day owning a home with a craft room!

What kind of house do you live in, are you and the kids happy here or is there anything you terribly miss?

We currently live in an apartment which we moved into while my husband was in the Navy, since we weren’t sure if he would stay in or not, we didn’t want anything permanent. I love the fact that there is a lot of closet space and storage, but miss having a yard!

Do you like to spend time on decorating your home and the children's room?

I love decorating!!! Unfortunately, with an apartment, there is only so much you can do. When we had our daughter, I had so much fun decorating her room, and even now, I am always finding things to add to it!

Where do you look for interior inspiration, favorite magazines, websites, blogs?

I don’t really look for inspiration anywhere. I just do what I like, even if it may not be appealing to others. I love watching HGTV and getting ideas, mostly on what styles and colors compliment one another.

What are your children's favorite items in your house?

The television! Being a schoolteacher, I know that is a no-no, but my daughter absolutely loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! Other than the television and her toys, she loves to play in the kitchen! She likes to get the measuring cups out of the drawer and carry them around with things in them. She also loves pots and pans, which I think most children do!
What places in your new neighborhood do you like to go to for shopping?

I love Old Navy. You can get so many cute things there, and their prices are reasonable. I also love Target! You can get absolutely everything there.

What's it like to raise a child in your town?

Amazing! We have everything here! The zoo, museums, the beach, baseball and football stadiums, culture, history, etc. There is always something to do here!

Who do you consider is a good example for your children?

In this day and age, it is so hard to find someone that would be considered a good example, especially since no one is perfect. I think that anyone that values their family, education, work, church, and the many opportunities that are given to them would be a great role model.

What is your idea of a perfect day with your children?

Any day where my daughter is not whiney, we are happy! I love taking her to the beach and watching her have fun in the water, even when it’s not very warm, and then sit up on the sand and play with her toys. It’s amazing how much fun she can have with sand toys!

Can you tell us a funny story, quote or remark one of your children recently made or happened?

My daughter LOVES to have her toenails painted (at 19 months old)! We use her ‘time out’ chair to paint her nails in the living room, and the other day I asked my husband to grab me her nail clippers. Without being asked or even acknowledged, she immediately brought her ‘time out’ chair into the living room and sat down. It was so cute!

Can you mention some of your how-to-raise-your-kid values?

Children should always have stability in the home, no matter what. Even a single parent can provide a stable home. They shouldn’t have to always see people coming or going in their lives. They should be happy, but know that things will not always go their way, and should learn to deal with that. Praise is good, but too much can lead to a very needy child. Praising a child for every bite of food that they take is a little much. Education is extremely important. If you have the opportunity to go to school, do it. For most of your education, going to school is mandatory. Making the choice to further your education will take you places and open up doors that you never knew were there. Another thing that is really important to me is to raise a child that is not spoiled. Just because you have everything you could ever dream of, does not mean you are spoiled. When you expect to get those things, and don’t appreciate what you have, that’s when there’s a problem.
What kind of DIY projects do you like to do with your children?

My daughter is still a little young for a lot of DIY projects, but when she was one, right before Christmas, I traced her hand and made a handprint wreath out of scrapbook paper. I framed it, and now we have a decoration that we can use every year.

Any tips for keeping the house clean when crafting?

For me, the words clean and crafting do not go hand in hand! I dream of having a craft room with a door which I can close at the end of craft time!
Are you a crafter or DIY person?

DIY. I have always loved to put things together myself. Most everything that I make has been from figuring out how to do it on my own.

Any nice decoration ideas how to hang them, keep them or use them as presents?

I read about someone who would save up all of the (paper) projects that their child would do each year. At the end of the year they would choose one or two that were the most special to them, and file them in a file box. You can also add certificates and awards to that box, that way it is all in one place.

How do you like to celebrate birthdays and other special days in your house?

We had a big party for my daughters first birthday. It was fun, but a lot of work! This year we are going to take her somewhere fun on her birthday. I will be spending my birthday this year (the big 3-0) at a day spa with my husband…relaxing!

What are favorite games in your home?

Since my daughter cannot play board games yet, we like to play games with balls. Sometimes we will just pass a ball back and forth, and other times we will kick around a soccer ball. As for my husband and I, we love to play Uno!

What kind of sports do your children like to do and are you very involved?

My daughter and I are currently taking a summer soccer class for toddlers 18-24 months. She likes to throw the ball more than she likes to kick it. Maybe she can be a goalie!

Are there musical instruments in your house?

No. When I was younger my parents bought a piano hoping that I would take lessons. I refused! My husband was in band when he was younger, so I know he will want to introduce our daughter to instruments, but as for me, I have always had an aversion to playing instruments.

What are all time favorite books for the children?

My all-time favorite childrens book is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. As far as books for the younger ones, I love all of the Eric Carle books (i.e Polar Bear, Polar Bear) and any of the Disney Classics.

What are nice activities you can do with children in your place and what could you recommend when people are visiting?

There are so many things to do here, I don’t know where to begin!!! There is the New Children’s Museum in Downtown San Diego, multiple museums at Balboa Park, The Childrens Pool in La Jolla, San Diego Zoo, Coronado Island, Sea World, multiple beaches, football game at Qualcomm Stadium, or baseball at Petco Park…

What movies do your children like to watch, is there one from your childhood you would love to show them too?

My daughter loves any Mickey Mouse Clubhouse movies! She could literally watch them all day long! I loved Mary Poppins as a child, and would watch it every day. I can’t wait until she’s old enough to really understand it.

How do they prefer to spend their leisure time?

Anywhere with water! She loves the beach and the swimming pool.

Are you a cook or food lover or both?

Definitely a food lover! I like to bake, and am still learning how to cook. I am not a bad cook, I just don’t like it.

What kind of place do you like to go to on vacation with and or without the children?
We haven’t gone anywhere without our daughter yet, but we have a great time when we go to Palm Springs. It’s the desert so it’s really warm, but it’s fun to swim all day and not have to worry about work or anything else. We usually meet up with family out there and have so much fun!

How do you prepare for a trip, any useful tips?

LISTS LISTS LISTS… We went on a 13-day road trip when my daughter was almost 11 months old. We were going to be in 18 degree weather one day (Colorado), and 85 degrees the next (Las Vegas), so there were so many different things that I needed to pack. I made a list for each place that we were going and what we would need. We ended up staying at 4 different hotels and didn’t forget to bring anything along!

What place do your children love to go to?

The zoo! I take my daughter at least once a week while my husband is at work, and she loves to see the Po’s (hippos).

Tips for traveling with a plane or a long-time trip on the road with children?

We haven’t taken a trip on a plane yet, but definitely have experience on the road with a baby! Just make sure you have enough of everything. Food, books, little carseat toys, etc. We got lucky and my daughter slept most of the time!

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