Monday, July 5, 2010

july loves

can you hear me?? it's july. seriously! and, i want to go live in this world.

i scoured the internet....way too late into the midnight hour.....and found these enchanting photos and finds. i want it all. the uplifting balloon ride high above the earth, riding carefree on the beach with a colorful entourage. and pink clouds lining the sky. a gorgeous summer wardrobe in all shades pink and berries to top it off. lots and lots of berries at a tea party on our new summer wares.

"The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us."

~ Ashley Montagu

Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.

~ Guilaume Apollinaire
please let me know what quote you might add!!

1.  look up  orangesparrow
2.  balloons and beach summer dream jo bradford photography---green island studios
3.  cotton candy  sabino
4.  summer wardrobe and flowers honeytree
5.  summer at the market  julie davis photo
6.  jar covers cozymemories on etsy
7.  raspberry cream cone jardino--recipe on her blog
8. my rocking wardrobe sweet little dress from my rocking wardrobe
9.  fifi  fifi by fiona howard stylish contemorary housewares
july calendar
family reunion month
national ice cream month
national hot dog month

7/4 fourth of july and beginning of be nice to new jersey Week (hah!)
7/11 e.b. white's Birthday
7/13 embrace your geekness day
7/20 national lollipop day
7/23 gorgeous grandma day
7/25 parents' day
7/28 beatrix potter's birthday
7/30 father-in-law day

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  1. thank you for featuring my jam jar covers here today :) so happy you like them !
    happy summer to you !

  2. I love the way you live life!! Hey - that's what it's there for...right?

  3. Here's to snatching every bit of the joys of summer possible...before it flees, sigh.

  4. This is definitely a *beautiful* world... just calling out to us! I love your collection of photographs... just makes me smile!! :)

  5. oh take me away to that Beach on the horse right now please :)
    Catherine x

  6. you LIVE in this world! ;)
    thanks for sharing this beauty!

  7. Beautiful images! What a mental lift :)


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