Monday, August 9, 2010

10 things i ((love)) sunday

this post is a little late but....well....a girl needs some beauty sleep once in a while. i definitely feel as if i am lacking in this department.

so here goes....

1. falling asleep with my two littles. sometimes the sweetest and most umprompted moments are just before sleep the "i love you, mommy" and the "we need more you and me". we make lots of plans during this time. of places we want to go, new things to try, classes to take.... parenting is one of the hardest jobs. you just have to trust that you are doing your best and that for every mistake you make, there are a thousand more victories. i want my apples to be good and kind, giving and understanding. i want my apples to be strong and independent and yet sensitive and tender-hearted.

2. also, having to do with sleep. i love those little sleepy, dreamy toots. just once in a great while i will catch my son rolling over when i go to double kiss him good night and he will let out a little toot. why i think that is cute, i have no idea!

3. my 3 year old on the phone. especially when she calls grampa, "jim"! it makes me smile everytime. this is almost always followed by "we are on our way. we will be there in a second minute in a long time. are you ready for us?"

4. a laid back weekend. i catch a few moments here and there of us just being. not constantly rushing or fretting about the time. lots of "one more time" requests are granted. taking just a moment to think back and reflect. smile a little. there is something about the beauty of the past, whether it was yesterday or many yesterdays ago. make note of it...what you love right now...because what you love tomorrow will be even better because of it.

this girl has style. even if it is just to go get the cows.

5. this sweet photo booth engagement photo from angela and ithyle she is so totally unaware and then surprised!

6. sticky kisses.

7. fresh laundry. someday i wish to have a clothesline for the sun and wind to drench my sheets.

8. big words for a little girl. my favorite right now is "i already got occupied"

9. i love love how one little kid can take over a giant size king bed. seriously how do they do that. and how do they twist me into such weird and ackward positions. i am rendered helpless.

10. my favorite people. a and h!

looking forward to a million more right nows.

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  1. the fashionista with the cows = priceless
    the engagement picture = sweetest thing evah!
    What a fun, life filled post!!!

  2. Gotta love toddler on the phone! :D Those pictures are so precious!

  3. aawww...these pictures are incredible! I love the 4th one the best...such a girly girl...even if it is "just to get the cows"! Thanks for visiting my blog Sarah!

  4. Having children is such an incredible blessing. Can you imagine enjoying life as well without them? So blessed...


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