Monday, August 30, 2010

winners!! and the making of geraldine

i apologize. i have fallen behind in my posts while attempting to make the most of the final days of summer before my daughter starts school and the days and nights become cooler as fall approaches. it is a lovely time of year....a very exhausting time of year. and we have so totally forgotten to move bedtime up so let's just see how this first week goes. luckily she only has one day of class.

sooooo.....on to the winners!!! (as chosen by

unknown mami!!! you are the lucky winner of 3 envirosax bags!!! congrats.

and, lizzie you are the lucky winner of the fashionably bowtique giveaway!! hip hip hooray!

not only am i so excited to get these items into your hands but, i just love to be able to give to others and to pay it forward in this often times overwhelming world. melon dot was started just over a year ago and it makes me so happy to create these custom onesies for the littles of the world. let me know what you think of geraldine.
starting with a blank slate can seem like a daunting task at times. this project started out as a simple white onesie, geraldine was added and then her features came alive with the help of some wool felt and thread. sometimes it is hard to know when to stop. when you have hit the 'too much' mark. i think she is lovely at each stage .
geraldine is a little vintage, a little sweet, a little raw. an optimist. if you would like to see more of her please visit my etsy shoppe you are always welcome to stop by and your ideas are always appreciated.

also, since it is officially my 1 year anniversary please stop by for a 20% discount (offer good until sept 18). just mention "little citizens" in a convo prior to purchasing and i will set up a custom listing for you. so many reasons to celebrate!

summer lovin' to you!


  1. I Love Geraldine, such a cutie. I'm having a giveaway over at my Blog if you feel like hopping along :) Have a great weekend, Catherine x

  2. Thanks for your nice comments and your blog is so cute! I will have to make a tutorial for the rolled flowers.

  3. hi sarah! what an adorable onesie--i especially love the spots. :)

    also, i wanted to answer your q on my blog about quality wool felt--i've purchased from and, and the wool felt from both has been perfect. (i recommend picking one of the thinner options since the thick can be very difficult to sew through when it's layered.)

    good luck, and happy sewing! :)


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