Saturday, February 12, 2011

10 things i ((love)) sunday

i heart valentine's day!! not for the jewelry or the candy or the flowers but for all the fun and creative ways to say 'i love you'. and, for all the crafts that involve pink and hearts!!!

1. take this super cool, easy, and educational game with hearts. maggie from smashed peas and carrots posted a great tutorial on Kids Create.

this game has so many options. the obvious matching game where you find pairs but you could also play a game where you mix both sets (numbers and colors) and then find pairs or take it one step farther and have them find 9 pink objects or draw 9 pink things.....

2. from purl bee, i found this tutorial for valentine heart barrettes. all the girls in ava's class are getting one (all 4 of them!)

3. i love these knotty legs baby leg warmers

4. revolutionary souls makes these tiny slippers .

5. strawberry and rosemary scones so very very yummy. i made ours without the glaze and instead sprinkled sugar on them before baking. pic from

6. i am so smitten by these s'mittens by tippy toes knits!
7. hanging some art on the wall as an everyday reminder to love fully. falcor digital and silhouette blue

8. for hudson, i would love this bowtie from buttered toast.

9. for ava, i created a blooming hearts tee.

10. for my hubby and me, i would love some us time. life is moving too too fast and i am missing just being us.

sending you the sweetest of wishes for a happy valentine's day!

1 comment:

  1. I adore your V-Day LOVE! And the heart-shaped watermelon? Divine!!

    Hope things are good where you are, Girl. :)


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