Sunday, February 6, 2011

a breath of fresh air.

we survived! and, luckily i did not need to be admitted to the crazy shack...although...we are a little wacky at times.  topping the list of favorite games is to pretend we are pirates wearing dishrags on our heads. 
we also love to pretend that there are sharks in the living room and alligators and crocodiles in the swamps surrounding the couch cushions.
this little dude has found the perfect hiding place.

hudson has even learned to peddle a bike this winter. this is how they like to cruise the strip in the kitchen.
i love the outdoors so, even though being cooped up indefinitely sounds wonderful...who could stand it. we donned all our snow gear..(i swear next year, i will splurge and actually own a pair of snow pants for myself!!) we built ourselves one rad snow fort and found clumps of snow to throw. that is the one thing about wisconsin winters that i just don't get.....why, oh why, can't we have more snow-packing days. it is either bitter cold or soup.

we are slowly training the dog to mush! eventually, i may even have to buy myself a pair of snowshoes. those snowdrifts that we tried to tackle while pulling this load were ridiculously deep. we were going no where fast.

ava has found the coolest place to daydream.
rosy cheeks and all we are enjoying ourselves this winter: being creative and just listening to one another.

and, now that it is february, it is nice to do something with love or hearts everyday. my kids are great painters. they can whip out a masterpiece in no time and then when i turn around they have the whole thing covered with 10 more colors. so, so creative!  but, what do you do with all of these artworks....we stencilled hearts on to the sheets of dry painted paper and cut them out. then we stitched them all together on the sewing machine. a gorgeous garland celebrating all the colors of love.

sending love and warmth your way.

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  1. such FUN, FUN, FUN pictures!

    They look so carefree and happy!

    I miss playing in the snow - my girls have yet to have that experience! :)

    Bernadette - new follower


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