Friday, February 4, 2011

melon dot giveaway

my sweets, i am so blessed. i have reached over a 100 shop hearts and facebook likers!! so, i am offering you the chance to win a custom melon dot onesie of your choice! refer someone to the Melon Dot Facebook page and you'll be entered into the contest! contest ends Friday 18th at midnight CST.

rules: the "referred" fan needs to leave a comment saying you sent them and they will win a prize too if your name is randomly picked!

So go blog about the contest, post it on Facebook and Twitter so you get lots of entries! Have a great weekend!

**To hyperlink to another Facebook page in your status, type the "@" symbol and start typing the name of the page or person you want to link.....a dropdown box will appear of pages that you belong on the page you want to link and it will show up as a blue hyperlink in the status box.

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