Friday, April 29, 2011

a mini-vacay

sometimes it is nice to just get away. even for a night. even just a short drive away.just so you can flaunt your stuff somewhere else! forget the eating, this girl wanted to check in and hop in the giant tub. her only request from the moment we told her we were going to stay at daddy's work.
i could have easily just stayed in the room the entire night and day but, there was a waterpark to explore and a lazy river to do a ridiculous amount of laps around.....i could have gotten in a really good workout had we been going against the current!?!
there was also mini golfing to be had. it was a gorgeous day. perfect. no crowds really just us and the kids (when was the last time that happened?) with a little help from my caddy who scored a hole-in-one on the first hole!!! i also dropped one in one handed while holding not needed coats! beat that daddy! (watch out we can get very competitive)
even hudson had great form and control.
then back inside for a little more swimming. exhausting to say the least. and what was i thinking, i tried to stop at the store on my way home. i ended up carrying ava first while sleeping and pushing hudson in the cart and then putting ava back in when hudson fell asleep and was swaying all over the place. we should have just booked another night and all taken naps. then again, i probably would have been thoroughly exhausted the next day as well. and well, that is the way it is anyway!

good night.

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