Sunday, April 17, 2011

randomness of 2 kids

our weekend started out kind of girly. a and i made a tutu. visit vermillion rules if you would like detailed instructions. the only thing i did to help speed things up was to wrap my tulle around my cutting board and then snip the ends. voila! perfect strips ready for tying.

don't you think this sweet pea is stylin'. somehow we have worn the halloween shirt more times than i can count in 2011. and love the purple smile from the 'purple mustache juice' that she constantly requests.

 we also stitched up a new dress for dolly from an oliver and s pattern. get yours here. popover doll dress pattern
 of course, our weekend would never be without the boy! all weekend he has had an obsession with this helmet. i love that he is safety first. there have been plenty of times where i thought about buying one of those baby helmets. sooo many cringe moments where you catch your breath and you think the worst and the moment passes and everyone is fine. whew!
i see you! he has also entered into another round of 'i do it'. maybe he hasn't even left this stage but, now daddy doesn't get to kiss him or me....'no, i kiss mommy' and he slathers the kisses on making sure that he gets both cheeks. poor daddy. he is still loved.
 we finished our weekend braving and bracing against the wind for an Easter egg hunt. they actually allowed the kids 20 eggs!! not prepared at all to bring this kind of load home. our pockets were stuffed!

we even got to meet the Easter bunny. although a is sure it was not him because there was snow (april fool on us yet again!) and the bunny had on his summer brown coat and there were circles cut in his eyes! it was just not him!

hope you had a wonderful weekend as well.

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