Wednesday, April 13, 2011

pass the crayons...please

 how we ever accumulated sooo many crayons, i may never know. how to shave and melt and make some disappear, that i know.
for this project all you need is an old pencil sharpener. it will get all gunkie so, you will probably want to keep it as a crayon only sharpener after this project.

some wax paper.

an iron.

some old crayons. if you have a hard time taking the paper off, soak the crayons in water, then peel the paper off and pat them dry with a paper towel.

ava did her share and then got busy cutting and pasting.

hudson loved mixing colors. for some reason he is a big fan of purple. he claims the purple towel after bath almost every night.

make sure you don't put too many sprinkles between your 2 pieces of wax paper. also, when you are ironing use a low setting and put some paper towels or a rag under and over so that the 'just in case' scenarios are covered.  i can just imagine a future of ironing my husband's shirts only to find them tye-dyed with wax. arghhh!

after they are melted and cooled check out the cool swirls and colors you have created by putting them up to the window. we then created kites to hang in the window. next up decorating the tail with some 'bows'. we are going to attach bows labeled with things that the kids have learned. ava's first is the alphabet and hudson has been adding his colors.

have a glorious day!

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