Wednesday, April 21, 2010

17 months old today!

holy cow, can you believe it?

hudson is 17 months old today! time is playing an evil trick. you know how it seems like the days are endless when your belly is about to burst and then baby makes his grand appearance and time just speeds up. friends there is no denying it! hudson is kissing his babyhood goodbye and is in full fledge toddler-mode.

some of his most recent COOL COOL tricks……

♥this boy has skillz: not only is he willing to try all foods but, he is also willing to try all different ways of actually getting that food to his mouth. I loved watching him the other night trying to figure out how that piece of strawberry on his tray was going to get to his mouth….in the most grownup way of course…. he picked it up with one hand, put it on his spoon, lifted it to his mouth, and smiled a big “MMMMM!”

♥wait for me: mr. h is constantly on the go. just 6 months ago he was barely walking. now, not a baby anymore and not a care in the world except that he must explore. forget the baby gates they don’t slow them down. forget doors he pushes right through and climbs down the stairs to the green grass, brown mud, and the sound of cows and tractors.

♥is there a doctor in the house: don’t worry this guy knows his “buon” belly button from his “ba” nose ( not quite sure why this translates). he loves lifting up everyone’s shirts just to make sure the button is there and they are from planet earth! he is also mr. handyman. if you need something fixed he will get right to business.

♥BALLS: you got game…you better bring it! he loves loves balls. and cows, but that’s another story. riding in the cart at Target “ball!”, on a broadcasted game “ball”, rolling past on the floor “ball!”

♥total sweetness: he may be a toddler but, he is still all mine. he snuggles close. gives the best hugs, and sweetest kisses especially to his sister.
which brings me back to my dilemma with time . my daughter ava turned 3 and a half yesterday. I seriously remember the day she was born just like it was yesterday. . some people say she’s advanced, some people can’t believe how old she is, some people say she is going to be famous only time will tell! but, i do know for a fact she is something else. she is one crazy kid. she is pure entertainment all the time.
i can only start to tell you how much she is like me. my husband truly believes she is my mini-me. she is a girl with passion, willfulness, a girl of grand gestures. i know that soon, oh so soon, I will blink and she will be going on adventures farther from home than our own backyard and asking for the keys to go out with friends to their new rad hangout.

always she will be my little girl.

now. i must go hangout with my awesome kids. these two little citizens have way more world to explore!

summary: kids age too fast. my kids are cute, funny, and no you cannot have them.

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  1. Congrats with 17 months! So sweet children! Actually my son is 17 months as well! :)


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