Friday, April 2, 2010

words to live by.....

so, my children do call my mama, mum, mom but, lately I have been know as "hon."
"that's okay, hon."
"just don't worry 'bout that, hon."
"hhhhoooonnnn" in her exasperated know the "are you kidding me voice."

i love the words that come out of children's mouths. ava is 3 and she just cracks me up with how grown up some of the conversations that we have can be and how seriously she can talk about a subject like the Easter bunny or the subject i'm getting married and you're invited. you know, just the other day she had her pretend cell phone with her on her walk and she was having a conversation and when I asked who she was talking to she nonchalantly said "prince eric called me."
of course the best words are: i love you mom, you are the bestest! she is definitely the bestest little girl. she picks up so many new words each day. it must be all those more story, one more story i promise, that's my plan!

my youngest is 16 months his most popular words are baaa...ball and moooo...cow. no matter how far away from the creatures we are if he hears them moo he always stops to answer them back. mama is also quickly becoming a favorite word. sorry daddy...I win! he is the sweetest little man.

these two kids are so full of joy and love for everything. i want to be more like them. i want to forget my worries and live life in the moment and for the moment. most of the time, I find this whole growing up business to be bittersweet. most of the time, I take the new developments with a smile even while I mourn that their babyhood is melting away.
they have so much to teach me about life, about who they are and who they are going to be, and about who i am.
so, these are my two little ones. i adore them. they are my world.

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