Saturday, March 26, 2011

10 things i ((love)) sunday

gimme some sugar, baby!

it is soon to be easter!! gotta love reese's peanut butter eggs and rainbow jelly beans and the little gum that comes in a tiny egg you remember those? here are some of my favorite easter basket finds mostly of the noncandy type because, well, that would be too easy to pick favorites or too hard to narrow down the choices.

1. things in stuff catapult how much fun would you have in your yard with this?
2. imagination kids bunny family
3. ahmelie vintage sweetness handbag clutch
4. bit of whimsy prims doll dress pattern clothes for the kids?? not so cool to the littles always but for baby. cool.
5. mahalo wolf mask we are all about pretend play here
6. while searching for a picture of reese's, i came accross this recipe...reese's peanut butter bars. yum! go check out designs by gollum's blog.
7. stay awake princess and her knight finger puppets
8. lilian eve designs sweet nella hair bow
9. those great house women i spy stegosaurus bag quiet way to keep busy
10. dreamspun kids extra large playsilks

books also top my list of things to add to the basket and silly putty or playdough. what kind of ideas do you have?

and, don't forget to add a few of these!!! i am bound to find a few hidden by the rabbit.


  1. Love these options that don't require coming off a sugar high for Easter baskets! :)

  2. What a great Blog, and lovely feature!!
    thanks for having our Catapult :)
    Great finds!!

    Melissa and Brandon


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