Monday, March 14, 2011

happy birthday, grampa!

birthdays are all around fun. the kids picked out presents for grampa including some candy and well as fun as it would be to have grampa open one piece after another of wrapped candy we decided to stash the candy inside a diaper box stuffed with paper. grampa played right along. he was pretty sure the diapers were the wrong size!! and that we truly wouldn't give him just paper!!
i am still recovering from the shopping experience and ALL the tape! when oh when did shopping become such a chore. going into a store just to pick up milk, i'd rather have daddy stop on the way home. forget about actually going somewhere with kids in tow to try on clothes. that's what the internet is for. although in some respects this backfires because i don't devote time to shopping and then i end up shopping late at night instead of during 'normal' business hours. so my days seem a little longer.
gramma decorated the cake. lots of wriggley wiggley worms got loose and had to be eaten!
happy birthday, grampa! there were not quite 65 candles on the cake but, there were 2 trick ones. you can guess that the kids were the ones blowing them out again and again. we asked them to please preserve their spit for other uses:)
dear grampa, these kids adore you. rest up because they have boundless energy and they can make you feel really young or really old very fast!

this guy is also dreaming of the day he can drive a real one. from early morning to late late he always seems to have a motor running, working hard just as you always do.

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