Friday, March 4, 2011

just another manic friday...

it is friday. i am beat. but, weekends around here do not mean days off and relaxation. hmmmm.... i think that will have to change once the kids are in school full time because seriously, who can stand being on the go everyday all the time.  around here, it seems as if we do just keep going and going because daddy works weekends and then his days off are days that we plan appointments and pick up on the other things that we have been slacking on...i.e. laundry. 
isn't it crazy fun to climb mounds of snow.

we also feed our feathered friends a tasty treat that ava made at school. we picked pinecones just for this project ages ago....glad her teacher got around to it first. izzy, our dog, was desperate for a taste!

hudson shopped around the yard. he had some great finds!

we also went to an actual store to shop for uncle's birthday. i swear it took that boy less than 2 seconds to climb in with the balls. shopping with the 2 is always an adventure especially the grocery store. it is an amusement park to them. i will have to share photos of that soon.

note to self. my man is cute in a suit and tie but, all this laundry and ironing must go!!!

surprise!! just as the sun ends its day in the sky, 40 of these littles come out to eat. so amazing and kind of humbling.
hope you had a great end to your week.

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